Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Not so long ago mobile computing devices with touch screens were only found in science fiction. Now Acer presents ICONIA, a new concept device set to add a brand new tablet experience, combining the versatility of a conventional 14” form factor with a unique dual-screen layout and highly intuitive all-point multi-touch functionality, which means you, can use all the fingers of your hands to navigate ICONIA.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The costs of notebook computers are decreasing and performance is increasing, it's become easy for single users to equip themselves with notebooks.

But what is a notebook?

A notebook is a concentrate from technologies, the consequence of the "compression" of your desktop personal computer. Laptops are built to be movable, practical comfortable to use, easy to carry, but there is a dark side notebooks are the delicate little sidekicks of desktop personal computer.

The use of a laptop gives the room access to at minimum three risks:

1st trouble, you've to leave your laptop frequently or erstwhile from your home, and that return two great risks:

a). The Physical stroke (drop down)

b). Notebooks could be lost or sneaked.

2nd trouble attributable the concentration of the elements notebooks are hard to cool, this drive a eminent exposition to overheating, and from that consequences a weakening of the elements and a abbreviating of their lifetime.

3rd trouble the laptop hard disc is a miniaturization of the PC hard disk, smaller and weaker than it is big brother, he's exposed to shock and/or shaking damage.

So once you take to a notebook you've to deal that the protection of your data will follow greatly vulnerable.

Mind you essential query yourselves around the value of your information:

-How bequeath it impact you whenever you lose your information?

-What will it cost you in dollars and time consuming to retrieve your data?

-Could you repair this information if you require to?

Therefore you must select from the starting a data backup answer quick and gentle to use, a few software suggest progressive backup, and this is the finest answer for notebooks because progressive backup puts in all data files changed as the last.

Now another very much sensitive part of your laptop is your Keypad and Touchpad. Always have a good care of then as once it becomes faulty or troublesome then it's hard to replace. Never be very much harsh on them as these are the most sensitive part of your Laptop. Once damaged it will hardly be replaced or get repaired so take care about it. Let's have some of the tips how you can take care of your Laptop's Keypad or Touchpad.
1). Never be very much harsh to your Keypad as laptops keypad is a bit different from the Keypads of a conventional Keyboard. Always be very gentle in having a Key press.
2). Never spill oil or water on your Keypad as this will surely damage your laptops Keypad and can hang you work. Always avoid spilling of them.
3). Never try to manually pull out the Keypad buttons as done mostly by the kids. So always keep an eye on your Laptop when kids are working on it.
4). Now touchpad are the most sensitive part and it senses the movement your finger tips very accurately. So try again to be very much gentle in using it. Just apply a nice soft finger press and it will sense it its not required to have a keystroke type press.
5). Also never try to accumulate any greasy or oily substance on your touchpad as this will decrease the sensitiveness of the Touchpad. Also keep them free from dust to accumulate on them.
Always keep these things in your mind before having to operate your Keypad or Touchpad as being the most sensitive part of your Laptops, once damaged then hard to be replaced. After all it’s who can only take care of your Laptop because in return it will offer you with efficient work as well.